Being creative has brought me much joy. Anytime I get to my art work the world just goes away. That is where I spend a lot of time and come up with new creative ideas.

Raised on a farm gave me opportunity to climb trees and walk for miles by myself observing nature. The size of a butterfly, the beauty of a sunset, the smell of dirt, the taste of wild strawberries have all made their way into my soul. I went to a small country grade school. Finally in high school I took art classes and as they say……the rest is history. I attended the Museum Art School in Portland until I got married. Two beautiful girls later I started to create again. We decided to build our own house so I began collecting pieces! A door here and a window there and well, what do you need for a house? Four years later we had a pretty good stash! And we began the biggest art project I and my husband had ever tackled! Three and a half years later ~ a house with no house payment! That allowed me more time to do art. I had begun my stain glass career before the house was even begun because I wanted, of course, stain glass all over the house. Well that happened and I began to teach said art form for Chemeketa

Community College for 15 years not to mention a lot of commission windows. The girls were raised. I tragically lost my husband. So new direction!!! Didn’t see that coming but as an artist I new how to move on.

My second husband has been a treasure. Allowing me to explore as my first husband had. Took up seed bead work ~ just small pieces of glass, right?! Opened a Bead Shop for 5 years and , you guessed it, taught beading technique.

I decided to go to Oregon School of Massage to have a steady income as my husband approached retirement. That was a good choice and yes, it turned into an art form! The human body is amazing! I’m so glad that I explored that avenue.

I was by now in a co-op art Gallery called Lunaria where I stayed for 19 years.. Then one day a short guy the sits on my right shoulder said, “ make a wire heart” well it took me a while to listen, a year to be exact!!! but finally over much protest I picked up a piece of copper wire that happened to be on my work desk and formed a heart! Now what says I, “well hammer it!” OK! Well the pin was sold before it got to the Gallery and yes, the rest is history, again. My advise to any budding artist out there is listen to the short guy! It’s been good for me!