I am a visual learner. I relate to the world primarily in a visual-tactile sense. My work relies on direct observation, drawings and water colors. I found my place in the art rooms during middle and high school. This was where I could focus for hours and learn how to travel from concept to a finished project.

My first printmaking classes were in the 1970’s at Lewis and Clark College and The Oregon School of Arts and Crafts-both in Portland Oregon. The Northwest was alive with printmakers who were excellent teachers. Their works were and are still in the top galleries of Portland.

I received my BA from Lewis and Clark College and my MFA from the University of Oregon. At both institutions I studied drawing, intaglio and lithography. Laverne Krause, Jack Portland, Ron Graef and Liza Jones gave me a top notch education.

Life would get complicated, but the studio was always a sanctuary. Walking and running in our beautiful parks is visually inspiring. I collect items from walks in the neighborhood or while on vacation. I keep sketchbooks of views I find enjoyable and challenging such as the Hawthorne Bridge, a fresh almond croissant, and Haystack Rock. Any farmers market is a visual banquet. I work these books with sharpies and water colors. Line quality is most important and there are so many way to create a line. I think this is why I am so attracted to etching.

I crave being a student and teacher. I feel it is important to continue learning, taking classes and pass that knowledge along. I have taught in several schools districts in the Willamette Valley for the past 35 years. Helping schools with fundraising projects via the arts is a special interest of mine. It brings the art room into focus as a practical subject not just as an afterthought or a hobby.

My work is included in the Collections of the Gilkey Graphic Arts at the Portland Art Museum, the Anchorage Museum, and the Multnomah County Library.

I gravitate toward art-related projects that help the environment, our four legged friends and the community. My husband and I are part of the family of rescue dog and cat owners.