Margaret Joyce is a native Oregonian who lives and shares a studio with her artist husband in Milwaukie, Oregon.

She has studied for many years with several Spiritual teachers and the knowledge gained has incorporated into her life and is reflected in her art.Margaret is an artist who works in several different mediums.

I love to create things that are beautiful and connected to Spirit. I believe that objects that are handmade, with intention can, and are, imbued with the energy and intentions of their maker. I create for the joy of it and what is created comes from the best part of me.

Currently, she is creating Eco Printed silk scarves using all natural dyes and leaves collected from nature, her garden and neighborhood.

An art form that has intrigued her and kept her hands busy for many years is that of needle felting. Fiber sculptures of whimsy and magic, dragons, gnomes, elves,mermaids and art doll characters all sculpted with a single needle from roving (un-spun wool) and are intended to bring “child-like” wonder and make you smile.