Stuart Adams | Abstract Acrylic

Francisco and Laura Bautista | traditional and contemporary handwoven rugs and pillows

Mary Burgess | watercolor

Shelly Durica-Laiche | metal sculpture

Victoria Epstein | jewelry

Marta Farris | metal sculpture

Jenn Ferrante | fused glass

Geraldine Foote | poetry

Michelle Gallagher | ceramic sculpture

Bonnie Garlington | handwoven scarves

Dave Haslett | stone sculpture

Leah Hershey | woven table runners

Jani Hoberg | etchings and mixed media

Janis Johnson | handwoven dish towels and napkins

Margaret Joyce | needle felting and mixed media

Fritz Koch | monotypes

Debby Neely | woodcut prints

Debi Nelson | ceramics

Patricia Rehm | felted wool hats, handbags and more

Jan Rimerman | 2-D mixed media

Janet Ronacher | baskets from recycled materials

Teresa Ruch | handwoven, hand-dyed scarves and wraps

Barb Sedgwick | hand-embossed pewter

Emily Start | jewelry

Dorothy Steele | pottery

Leanne Streit | handwoven wraps and hangings

Elaine Tan | jewelry

Beth Verheyden | watercolor

Candace Wilson | ceramics

Lisa Wiser | oil, acrylics, collage

Natalie Wood | photography

Jim Wylder | ceramics

Kris Zorko | paper