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Currently you can catch many Rain Spark Artists in the
LO Reads project, as well as the Portland Home and Garden Show.

If you’re an Artist and wish to apply for the Gallery, you can find that information here.

3 sculptures liven up Milwaukie City Hall

Read about Rain Spark Artist Shelly Durica-Laiche’s work in the Milwaukie Sculpture Garden. Her work is on display through 2021.

Spotlight On: Dorothy Steele

Growing up and working in the family bakery business near Roseburg, Oregon, Dorothy Steele had the skills of a professional cake decorator at the age of 14. “I have always seen clay as organic in substance and form, and have been drawn to the earth, nature, and it’s...

Spotlight On: Jan Rimerman

Jan Rimerman is inspired by the evolution of changing forms in light & shadow. The various textures & layers of color hidden & revealed in the different lights of the day & season is part of Jan’s unique style. The work presents a new perspective each...

Spotlight On: Jim Wylder

I get excited about every piece because the process has many variables and there is almost no control over the results. Jim's Process: Thrown forms on the pottery wheel are trimmed and burnished with a light bulb. The pots are bisque fired to 1650°. When cool, they...

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