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Currently you can catch many Rain Spark Artists in the
LO Reads project, as well as the Portland Home and Garden Show.

If you’re an Artist and wish to apply for the Gallery, you can find that information here.

3 sculptures liven up Milwaukie City Hall

Read about Rain Spark Artist Shelly Durica-Laiche’s work in the Milwaukie Sculpture Garden. Her work is on display through 2021.

Spotlight On: Victoria Epstein

When I was a young girl I loved all kinds of jewelry. As I grew up, a child of the 80’s, I wore crazy Madonna type earrings (the bigger the better) and gummy bracelets & big brass bangles all up my arms. People in my small town school used to tell me that I had...

Spotlight On: Kris Zorko

A paper artist I know uses the phrase “Joy in the Making” in her email signature. That strikes a chord with me. I’ve always taken great delight in the creative process. My Note Totes (refillable notepad holders and sticky note holders) are a direct result of my...

Spotlight On: Mary Burgess

Drawing upon her experiences traveling and interest in nature, Mary Burgess expresses herself through watercolor painting. She is especially interested in the effect of light and shadow on her subjects which she photographs, and creates the paintings in her studio....

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