Barb Sedgwick

I love texture! It captivates and motivates me and is a fundamental quality of all my work. The attributes of light play (depth, shadows, highs, and lows) as well as touch are major components of my hand-embossed pewter, copper, or aluminum; melted solder art; and assemblage.

Currently my focus is hand-embossed metal. I am honored to use ancient techniques from Greece and the Middle East, European repousse, and Mexican repujado as I begin work with a flat sheet of metal.

The flat, smooth metal is magically transformed by my embossing, debossing, and embellishing. I then finish my pieces with patina and polish to further bring out the texture and design.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing people smile when they experience my creations and hope my artistic expression brings happiness to those who own my original, unique pieces.