Dave Haslett

Dave Haslett was born in the Pacific Northwest where the nature in his surroundings is found in both his bronze sculpture and stone carvings. Drawing skills were noticeable at an early age on the walls of his home and to his teachers and classmates in primary school. The young artist studied architecture and three dimensional drafting in high school. It only got more intense when he was introduced to three dimensional forms in college and the bronze foundry.

While attending Portland State University he studied with James Lee Hanson, Don Wilson and Keith Jellum. They introduced the techniques of bronze casting and the vast historical past of sculpture through the ages. Dave was influenced by Hieronymus Bosch, Henry Moore, Constantine Brancusi and Salvador Dali. Don Wilson presented the world of stone carving. Dave’s been using rare and exotic stone producing mantle to monumental sculpture ever since.

Dave now carves small hand held spirit stones, pedestal sized pieces and monumental sculpture. Some of the stones measure 14 feet high and weigh 5,000 pounds. The Solstice Stone Series includes the Ancients philosophy of alignment using two stones of different heights with vertical slices. The taller stone eclipses the shorter at a chosen time of day. The two slices allow the sun to pass through one another for a brief moment.

Dave has traveled to Carnac, France to explore and research many of the standing stones left by his predecessors.