Elaine Tan

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I arrived in Seattle, Washington in December 1977 to pursue a college degree after working in the banking industry in Asia. After receiving a B.A, degree in Business Management from Portland State University, I embarked on a career in international trade and banking at several large corporations and government agencies before starting my real estate business in 1992.

A few years later, I started to experiment with various art mediums as an outlet for my creative energy and somehow ended up in jewelry making. I started giving my creations to friends and family as gifts. In 2004, I created Red Shoe Studio making one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry. That marked the beginning of a journey filled with creative fulfillment and passion.


All of my work is either one-of-a-kind, limited edition or custom pieces. They are bold, simple and makes a statement. Individually designed and created, I use high quality and unique findings, natural stones, gems, pearls, and other natural materials accented with glass, precious and semi-precious metals.

I love the creative process of combining colors, texture and design. Using organic materials allow me to create work that brings out the natural beauty of imperfection. I am particularly attracted to using materials that “have a story”, such as an archaeologically discovered rock, or 250 year old beads made with Dead Sea sea salts and clay, or old Italian handmade glass beads from centuries ago, rustic unpolished amber beads, unprocessed aquamarine or even a new and exciting invention of man made components.