Jim Wylder

Jim was born in Portland and fell in love with art at an early age. He followed a BFA and MST with a career in teaching art. His middle school and high school students kept him busy designing art lessons for thirty-four years. During that time, he taught jewelry, printmaking, painting, calligraphy, drawing, and ceramics. The bulk of his classes were focused on ceramics. One of the only art mediums he left untouched was photography.

Retirement has allowed Jim to spend more time in his personal studio. Naked Raku has been Jim’s passion for the last ten years. This medium satisfies his need for exacting methods and unexpected results. Failure has provided most of the lessons needed for success. His frustrations have also led him to innovating new techniques and tools to simplify processes and improve results. His body of work has continued to grow and change with each creative spark. Jim’s most recent work is sculptural with the occasional bowl and vase thrown in for good measure.