Leanne Streit

I have been around art and design all my life and was an architect for a good part of my career.

Many years ago, I traveled extensively in South America and was drawn to the brilliant handwovens of the indigenous peoples. When I moved to Portland in 2002, I began my journey to work with a variety of fiber forms, employing objects, both found and directly acquired.

After a period of time creating traditional items for the craft, I wanted to see how fibers could be used differently. Could they tell a story, paint a picture or be the canvas that holds other mediums, such as encaustics, glass or metal work. This is an ongoing journey and my latest creations are rungs or ladders and each panel explores different patterns, textures, colors and use of objects. Nature, pattern and color draw me in to spark the expression of the woven form, exemplified by the feel of soft, warm, sharp and varied materials.

I continue to travel to many places in order to add to this evolving story. In the last few years, I have taken my work further by doing collaborations with fused glass and blacksmith artists, a collaboration that continues to be creatively rewarding.