Shelly Durica-Laiche

Once introduced to the properties of steel as a sculpting medium I knew I wanted to explore it further. I’m fascinated by the fact steel can transform from inflexible, to pliable, liquid and once a piece is completed, indestructible.

My current work consists of freestanding human-scale steel assemblages. The viewer has the opportunity to walk fully around the pieces and to connect on a physical level. I find my materials from all over the state by picking through scrapyards looking for inspirational textures, shapes and sizes. I love analyzing a collection of raw materials, then solving the design challenges that bring them to life as permanent objects. I enjoy when a viewer is surprised and delighted upon recognizing a material that is being used out of context. It then becomes a transformative experience for them through the sculpture.

Growing up, I always made things with my hands. I’d use scraps and remnants from around the house. Items left over from a previous use became fascinating to me with their imbedded history and character. The scrap metal inspires what I create, so pieces are one of a kind. My design style incorporates clean lines with bold and graphic shapes. I focus on the elegance of form, saying the most with the least material.

Being a lover of the outdoors, my goal is to fashion work that accentuates the landscape and creates a space that is an extension of our home and humanity.

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