Tom Willing

Oregon artist Tom Willing has turned wood for over 50 years. He focuses on turnery that is sensitive to the interplay between form, light, and material. His collectible, sculptural pieces, such as hollow forms, lidded finial boxes, and natural-edge vessels comprise the significant part of Willing’s work. Decorative pieces that also serve functional purpose, including bowls and platters round out his offerings. He uses a variety of woods, including maple, walnut, holly, dogwood, hornbeam, plum, pear, and cherry, with much of his material having highly figured grain and character. He particularly enjoys working with local arborists to rescue timber from the chipper when it has a story, for example a pioneer black walnut that was planted in the Willamette Valley before Oregon Statehood, or cherished family ornamentals that have fallen to storms, developers, or the passage of time.