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Janet Ronacher

I have been a basket maker and artist for several years and currently I am concentrating on combining natural and industrial fibers into sculptural and wall art pieces. My goal is to incorporate obsolete materials, with my weavings, dying, painting and felting. One of the subtle messages I hope to emphasize is that while we may not like all of the materials available to us they are here and new uses may need to be found to integrate them into our daily lives. This is especially the case with plastics that are filling up our landfills and streams causing pollution problems that were not anticipated. 

Using plants to eco dye paper and fabric as the background of many 3-D wall pieces I add fused plastic bags, barks, sewing, crocheting, knitting, basketry, felting and found objects to complete the art pieces. I think of this work as constructing 3-D assemblages which may be free-standing sculptures as well as wall art.