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Leanne Streit

Leanne Streit is a fiber and mixed media artist.  She studied art at the University of Northern Colorado and received her Master of Architecture degree from Arizona State University.  Her passion for fiber arts began when she was very young where she learned many fiber manipulation techniques.  Later in life, she learned to weave at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts in Portland, Oregon.  She continues to show her work at the Gathering of the Guilds, Rain Spark Gallery, and juried art fairs.


Leanne’s inspirations come from nature, her travels and the need to solve artistic challenges.  She enjoys exploring the combination of fiber with different media and expanding the norms of fiber arts, like with the incorporation of heavy objects and painting on handwovens. 


She begins by selecting interesting items such as rocks, metal, vintage jewelry, or other objects.  Her sketches focus on the interplay of the fiber and these items where their characteristics such as aggregate types, shapes, colors and other elements are incorporated into the woven panels.  She uses various fiber art and craft methods like encaustics, stitching, painting, and beading in her pieces.  Leanne continues to learn and incorporate media techniques to add to the repertoire of possibilities.

leanne at loom 2.jpg


To find additional artwork available for purchase, please contact this artist directly or follow these links to websites or other social media.
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