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Margaret Joyce

I have always been driven to make things and I love to create beautiful things that are connected to Spirit. I believe that objects that are handmade, with intention can, and are, imbued with the energy and intentions of their maker. For me, there is a wonder and excitement in creating something that didn’t exit the day before. I enjoy working in a variety of mediums.

One of my primary art forms is the egg. Using real eggs, painted, filled with affirmations and blessings and set with gemstones, crystals and rhinestones. They are my take on Faberge Eggs which inspired them.

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 10.10.28

Currently, I am exploring Eco Dye/Printing on silk, dying silk with totally natural dyes and printing with leaves from nature, and Creating fiber sculptures of figures, animals, and fantasy creatures by a method called needle felting, sculpting un-spun wool with a single needle.

My husband, artist and designer, Raphael Schnepf, and I live outside of Portland, Oregon and have a lovely studio attached to our home, where every day opens to new possibilities and inspiration.


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