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Candace Wilson

I began my love affair with clay when my favorite Art teacher introduced me to the potter’s wheel! I was totally amazed clay could make a vessel you could actually use. I have been hooked ever since. I took ceramics in college, along with painting and drawing. I earned a B.S. in Applied Design After four years of college and trading paintings for dental work, I needed a job that used my skill set. I went back to college and studied graphic design. Fell in love with four color process, designing logos, and the printing processes. 

The work I do with clay reflects my graphic experience, using words, textures and images. My drawings and fonts are made into rubber stamps and applied to wet clay. I enjoy making things, using the slab technique or wheel-thrown pottery. I keep the “maker marks” on my pottery so people know it is handmade. My quest is making people smile and to think in a positive way when the world around us seems so chaotic.

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