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Stuart Adams

I have always loved art. At age five Peter Max was my favorite artist. Picasso was my hero at age nine and when I was eleven I discovered Paul Klee. My love of art has never diminished, and I continue to study, create, and show art voraciously. 

I am an artist first. Media and techniques are less important to me than the process. I carry a sketchbook almost constantly and fill several annually. My sketches and drawings inspire my painting and dreams. Which inspire more drawings and paintings. 

My artwork has won me many awards beginning with the Judges Choice award at the 1980 Art Open. I have entered artwork at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts since I was in a teenager, and have won many awards there. 


I do my best to be involved in the community. I am involved with the L.O. Reads program. I assisted the L.O. Art Council, with their sculpture unveiling this last summer, and I attended the Chamber of Commerce’s wine tasting tour as an artist this fall. I welcome any chance to become involved with local art and artists. I am excited with any chance to meet and discuss art. I have done some of the teaching, and aspire to do more. My mission is to bring color to the world, and my greatest joy is in inspiring others. 

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