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Jan Rimerman

Jan Rimerman is inspired by the evolution of changing forms in light and shadow.  The various textures and layers of color hidden and revealed in the different lights of the day and season are part of Jan’s unique style.  The work presents a new perspective each time it’s viewed.  Color, texture, form, light and shadow are all part of the intentional creative process.  An under-painting of powdered charcoal gelled onto heavy watercolor paper gives the finished painting a hint of visual textural mystery.  As many as 22 layers of transparent fluid acrylic paint are applied on the initial powdered charcoal foundation in which there are usually 3 hidden turtles

Jan Rimerman.jpg

Jan was educated at Willamette University, City University-London, PSU and U of W. She worked closely with Carl Hall and Robert Hess at Willamette University in Salem.  Jan’s work is found in books, magazines and on greeting cards.  Her paintings are exhibited at the Coos Art Museum, Leo Lambiel Museum and Lightcatcher Art Museum.  Find her work at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Fairweather Gallery, Cannon Beach Art Association, Rain Spark Gallery, and the Blackfish Gallery in La Conner, WA.  Jan raises awareness through her art for the World Wildlife Fund, a Tibetan orphanage, Safe Water Now, and wetlands through their visual travel presentations: Through Artists’ Eyes.  The Rock...Paper...Turtle...Art for Wetlands event celebrates the Western Pond Turtle by restoring habitat partnering with The Wetlands Conservancy. The next event is in January 2021. Watch for announcements or check Jan’s website.  Jan is the Director/Curator of the Rain Spark Gallery, the Art Exhibition Director for LO Reads and the Visual Art Coordinator of the Lakewood Center for the Arts.


To find additional artwork available for purchase, please contact this artist directly or follow these links to websites or other social media.
​Please mention that you found their information on the Rain Spark Gallery website.  Thank you.
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