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Glass Poetry Coaster Set of 4

Glass Poetry Coaster Set of 4


This item will be available at Rain Spark Gallery Nov. 1-Dec. 24. Contact artist for availability. Set of 4 Glass Poetry Coasters with holder. 4 original Peace Leaves poems: "Let there be skies inside our silences..."; "Moon, a white button on a velvet suit, fastens light to my dark night."; "If the wind howls, howl back, walk in it, get soaked. Swaddle in the dark.";"Let sandcastles, not dreams, be the only homes destroyed..."

Each coaster is 4 1/8" x 3 7/8". 


See for complete list of Peace Leaves poems. Shipping/Delivery: Email Gerry Foote at to arrange free delivery or pickup within 20 miles of SW Portland. Or $8 shipping in USA. Shipping discount possible when multiple items ordered from this artist.

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