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Peace Leaves Encouragement II set of 4 in box

Peace Leaves Encouragement II set of 4 in box


Set of 4 Peace Leaves original letterpressed poems with translucent vellum envelopes individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves. Poems included: "Look into a still pool. Smile into the eyes looking back…";"Join me in being on your side.";"Say I can, not I can’t. Name disbelief a thief.";"You will make mistakes. Reflect, not so long that you view yourself as one who errs. Reflect long, though, to learn what your inside light whispers about how one who seeks truth goes in the world." Other colors/paper textures may be available. Each leaf is approx. 4"x5" packaged. Box is 5 1/2"x 7".

See for complete list of Peace Leaves poems.

Shipping/Delivery:  Email Gerry Foote at to arrange delivery or pickup within 20 miles of SW Portland.  Or free shipping in USA.

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