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Peace Leaves "Gratitude" Set of 4

Peace Leaves "Gratitude" Set of 4



Set of 4 Peace Leaves original letterpressed poems with translucent vellum envelopes individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves. Poems included: "You are a dipper of water on a dry day.";"May I find you in years to come, s till singing..."; "You are an oar dipping ripples in a blue pond."; "I wish you rainbows in sky and in fishbacks in leaping rivers." Other colors/paper textures may be available. each leaf is approx. 4"x5" packaged. Box is 5 1/2"x 7".

See for complete list of Peace Leaves poems.

Shipping/Delivery:  Email Gerry Foote at to arrange delivery or pickup within 20 miles of SW Portland.  Or free shipping in USA.

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