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Argyll District Tartan Scarf

Argyll District Tartan Scarf


Argyll District Tartan scarf handwoven in comfortably soft chenille


67" x 7.5" plus fringe


The Argyll District in the Highlands of Scotland is the home of several clans including Campbell, McDougall, and my own family clan MacLachlan.   


In addition to Scottish and Irish district tartans, many family clans have their own tartans in a variety of colors and designs.  Even without a clan connection, many people love to wear these colorful creations.


Order this Argyll District tartan scarf or order one for the clan or district of your choice.  


Currently out of stock. Please contact Bonnie Garlington to discuss ordering options.


  • Pickup or delivery within 30 miles of Lake Oswego, OR.
  • Free shipping to more distant locations in the USA
  • Care

    Gently handwash taking care not to wet or tangle fringe.  Dry flat.

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