This year’s hours are:
Mon-Sat 11am-7pm
Sun 11am-5pm

The Gallery is open October 24th-Dec. 29th.
Closed on Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.

Come visit us in our new location at
310 State Street, Suite #108, between Kassab Jewelers
and Grapevine south of Sur la Table.

We’re still in Lakeview Village with plenty of free parking!

Clues for Ornaments #11 & #21

#42 If you like raw fish like tuna and salmon … add rice and seaweed so sustainable it’s really jamin’ A gingerbread man might seem out of place but he’s here safe…& could be about anyplace. #11 It comes in October, stays for 2 months & then goes away… Only to...

Clues for Ornaments #13 & #58

#13 This Gingerbread Person is found by a very tall sculpture. It was created by a local artist that knows about LO Culture. A moon, water, black & white stone & gold letters are involved… Know where this west location is & the problem is solved. #58 A...

3 sculptures liven up Milwaukie City Hall

Read about Rain Spark Artist Shelly Durica-Laiche’s work in the Milwaukie Sculpture Garden. Her work is on display through 2021.

Thursday Night Receptions

Join us on Thursday nights to meet the Artists and hear about their inspirations and process. This is a great opportunity to learn about their one of a kind artwork while you shop and snack on light refreshments!

December 19th
Artist lineup:

Dave Haslett
Victoria Epstein
Margaret Joyce
Barb Sedgwick


Receptions are
from 5-7pm


Spotlight On: Barb Sedgwick

I love texture! It captivates and motivates me and is a fundamental quality of all my work. The attributes of light play (depth, shadows, highs, and lows) as well as touch are major components of my hand-embossed pewter, copper, or aluminum; molten solder art; and...

Spotlight On: Margaret Joyce

Margaret Joyce is a native Oregonian who lives and shares a studio with her artist husband in Milwaukie, Oregon. She has studied for many years with several Spiritual teachers and the knowledge gained has incorporated into her life and is reflected in her art.Margaret...

Spotlight on: Dave Haslett

Dave was born and raised in the Pacific NW where the natural beauty has a major influence on his style and form. Attending Portland State University Dave studied with James Lee Hanson who introduced him to the bronze foundry. Working with clay, making molds and then...

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