This year’s hours are:
Mon-Sat 11am-7pm
Sun 11am-5pm

The Gallery is open October 24th-Dec. 29th.
Closed on Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.

Come visit us in our new location at
310 State Street, Suite #108, between Kassab Jewelers
and Grapevine south of Sur la Table.

We’re still in Lakeview Village with plenty of free parking!

Clues for Ornaments #29 & #36

#29 If it’s gourmet, creative & unique Here you will find many sweet treats & while you are there, take a peek perhaps you will find the ornament you seek #36 This gingerbread ornament is on a bronze sculpture In Lake Oswego the city of great art &...

Clues for Ornaments #24 & #28

#24 Our gingerbread person sometimes needs more light… depending on which shade to choose to ward off the night. Rest assured as you search the bulbs from room to room you ‘ll find exactly the match to end the winter gloom. #28 Here for you is a Rain Spark Gallery...

3 sculptures liven up Milwaukie City Hall

Read about Rain Spark Artist Shelly Durica-Laiche’s work in the Milwaukie Sculpture Garden. Her work is on display through 2021.

Thursday Night Receptions

Join us on Thursday nights to meet the Artists and hear about their inspirations and process. This is a great opportunity to learn about their one of a kind artwork while you shop and snack on light refreshments!

December 5th
Artist lineup:

Candace Wilsom

Jenn Ferrante

Fritz Koch

Leah Hershey

Receptions are
from 5-7pm

Spotlight on: Dave Haslett

Dave was born and raised in the Pacific NW where the natural beauty has a major influence on his style and form. Attending Portland State University Dave studied with James Lee Hanson who introduced him to the bronze foundry. Working with clay, making molds and then...

Spotlight On: Dorothy Steele

Growing up and working in the family bakery business near Roseburg, Oregon, Dorothy Steele had the skills of a professional cake decorator at the age of 14. “I have always seen clay as organic in substance and form, and have been drawn to the earth, nature, and it’s...

Spotlight On: Jan Rimerman

Jan Rimerman is inspired by the evolution of changing forms in light & shadow. The various textures & layers of color hidden & revealed in the different lights of the day & season is part of Jan’s unique style. The work presents a new perspective each...

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