This year’s hours are:
Mon-Sat 11am-7pm
Sun 11am-5pm

The Gallery is open October 24th-Dec. 29th.
Closed on Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.

Come visit us in our new location at
310 State Street, Suite #108, between Kassab Jewelers
and Grapevine south of Sur la Table.

We’re still in Lakeview Village with plenty of free parking!

The Community Treasure Hunt Begins December 1st!

60 hand-made gingerbread people ornaments are hidden throughout Lake Oswego for the sixth annual community treasure hunt. The 4” gingerbread people can be found in city parks, in Lake Oswego businesses, cultural centers and raffled off each Thursday night at the Rain Spark Gallery.

Each gingerbread person is hand crafted from white porcelain imprinted with vintage crochet made by ceramic artist Dorothy Steele. Each piece is glazed with indigo blue glaze. The collectible ornament is signed, dated and numbered.

Join us on Thursday nights to meet the Artists and hear about their inspirations and process. This is a great opportunity to learn about their one of a kind artwork while you shop and snack on light refreshments!

Receptions are from 5-7pm

November 14th Artist lineup:
Kris Zorko
Mary Burgess
Debby Neely
Jani Hoberg

Saturday & Sunday Nov. 22 & 23

Neptune Studios


3151 Cottonwood Court
West Linn, Oregon 97068
United States

Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands

Speakers are planned for 2:00pm Friday & Saturday 2:00pm & 4:00pm.

Rain Spark Artists involved in Rock…Paper…Turtle..Art for Wetlands are: Shelly Duriche-Laiche, Marta Farris, Dave Haslett, Candace Wilson, Jim Wylder, Jani Hoberg, Debby Neely, Margaret Joyce, & Jan Rimerman

Friday: Alvey Seeyouma 2:00pm will speak on the Turtle Island storytelling that Wisdom of the Elders promotes.

Saturday: Ashley Smithers 2:00pm will bring turtles and talk about wetlands and turtles science.

Jan & Dave are in partnership with The Wetlands Conservancy. 25% of all artwork sold will go to save habit for the Western Pond Turtle.

Spotlight On: Kris Zorko

A paper artist I know uses the phrase “Joy in the Making” in her email signature. That strikes a chord with me. I’ve always taken great delight in the creative process. My Note Totes (refillable notepad holders and sticky note holders) are a direct result of my...

Spotlight On: Mary Burgess

Drawing upon her experiences traveling and interest in nature, Mary Burgess expresses herself through watercolor painting. She is especially interested in the effect of light and shadow on her subjects which she photographs, and creates the paintings in her studio....

Spotlight on: Debby Neely

I do woodcuts because I love the strong graphic design and opportunity to make the play of positive and negative spaces a very important design element. I like to do line work and combine it with large graphic shapes. A common design element I depend on is a circle...

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