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Grace of These Seeds Poetry Hanging

Grace of These Seeds Poetry Hanging


Mixed media heart shaped poetry hanging on white metal structure with 5 original letterpresssed poems (including one with watercolor painting). Leaf papers vary. Materials include: ribbon, vintage necktie, lace, beads, found objects. Aprox. 20"x20". Poems included are: "Plant each seed with equal care. Know when to wear hearts sleeved; in the garden, keep one hand gloved, one hand bare."; "Wrap my love around you."; "If the wind howls, howl back, walk in it, get soaked, swaddle in the dark."; "May you be graced by the presence of guardians and angels..."; "Listen, I think I hear the wish of air under wings…"


Contact artist or see for other renditions of the same poems such as one-of-a-kind cards.


Shipping/Delivery:  Email Gerry Foote at to arrange delivery or pickup within 20 miles of SW Portland.  Or $12 if shipped in USA payable to artist. Shipping discount if multiple items purchased from Gerry Foote. 

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