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Peace Leaves "Learn As You Grow" Set

Peace Leaves "Learn As You Grow" Set


Boxed set of 4 Peace Leaves taken from the poem "What I Would Have You Learn As You Grow". Includes complete poem printed on translucent paper with marbled paper background, beaded tie for hanging. 4 poems letterpressed on Oblation handmade paper with embellishments. Text of complete poem as follows: "You will make mistakes. Reflect, not so long that you view yourself as one who errs, Reflect long, though, to learn what your inside light whispers about how one who seeks truth goes in the world… know it is kinder to be gentle, to issue quiet strength, in a strong voice, yes, sinewed by silence, in forests green that precede clear speech. If you learn to defend, I wish you wisdom to know when the strongest bow yields like thirst, to a rinsing stream, and when, burnished by time, truth must be a singular smooth stone to glisten black on the surface of sand. Go placidly, yes, when you can, and know how to return to pools within, or the ocean, or the mountain snow with its rarefied air, each breath, stinging your lungs clean. Walk the fleeting shoreline; know to stop when flocks of sandpipers find you, fleeing, be still, invite them to land, slow the fast forward to feed on tiny creatures at your feet,"


Shipping/Delivery:  Email Gerry Foote at to arrange free delivery or pickup within 20 miles of SW Portland.  Or free shipping in USA.

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